Tip : Launching Blender with the System Console Displayed (Windows)


  • When launching Blender on Windows, You will notice that the system console is hidden by default.
  • Having the console window displayed is beneficial for catching startup message, error messages and debugging print statements from your python scripts. 
  • You can toggle the display of the system console from the user interface, as illustrated below.
System console in Blender
Toggling the display of the System Console 
  • But Blender provides a startup flag (a.k.a. command line flag) to display the system console at launch time itself. 
Let us see how simple it is to set it up.


Option 1 - Modifying existing shortcut

  • Right click on the icon and select Properties
  • In the Target text area, at the end of the existing command, add the -con flag, like below
D:\blender\blender-2.64-release-windows64\blender.exe -con
  • Apply and close the dialog.
  • Launch Blender 

Option 2 - Creating a new shortcut

  • Right click on an empty space on the Desktop and click New -> Shortcut
  • Locate the path to the executable and then at the end add the -con flag
  •  Give a name for the icon (default will be 'blender')
  • And following is the result.


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