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FAQ : Two Property Editors Displaying Properties of Different Objects

My friend Avish asked the following question on Blender Knowledge Base on Facebook.Is it possible to have two property panels showing properties of two different objects at the same time ? I answered the question: Yes.. you can pin context in the properties editor... there is a pin icon... In the example below, You can see the Properties for the Cube object have been Pinned (Highlighted in green square)
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Doodling : Cycles World Sky Texture #1


So I am back to posting on this blog after a long time. This post is of type Doodle, so is just a dump of some of my experiments. Not a tutorial, so not much text is available. But, I might add some text whenever I have time.
Main goal of this doodle is to understand Cycles Sky Texture applied to a World.
Doff, MISoff
Doff, MISon@256
Don, MISon@256
Don, MISoff
Interactive control of Sky Direction

The shot above was setup by linking objects from another Blender file. Two switch between files, I have enabled and tested the Edit Linked Library Add-On that is part of Blender 2.68 RC2. I have used Auto-Save Render Add-On to save the outcome of my experiments.

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