Doodling : Cycles World Sky Texture #1


So I am back to posting on this blog after a long time. This post is of type Doodle, so is just a dump of some of my experiments. Not a tutorial, so not much text is available. But, I might add some text whenever I have time.

Main goal of this doodle is to understand Cycles Sky Texture applied to a World.

Doff, MISoff
Doff, MISon@256
Don, MISon@256
Don, MISoff
Interactive control of Sky Direction

The shot above was setup by linking objects from another Blender file. Two switch between files, I have enabled and tested the Edit Linked Library Add-On that is part of Blender 2.68 RC2I have used Auto-Save Render Add-On to save the outcome of my experiments.

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