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Blender 2.82 is out today

Yes. It is here.

Check out what is new/improved in 2.82

The splash screen is super awesome. And you can download the blend file on the Blender Cloud

I studied the overall organization of the splash screen blend file and recorded it. You can watch it below.

Some prominent Tweets about the announcement are below for your reading pleasure and quick access.
Blender 2.82 is here to power up your pipeline with UDIM support, Pixar USD export, physics improvements, a new AI-accelerated denoiser and much more! — Blender (@blender_org) February 14, 2020
Tomorrow! One of my #Blender3d source files will be available publicly ! Stay tuned !! I hope it will help you study 2d+3d animation with blender ! — dedouze (@dedouze_) February 12, 2020 -------------------
Satish Goda

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