Blender 2.8 Testing #1

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After a long gap, I finally got to testing a WIP build of Blender 2.8. I was urged to download the WIP build while watching a BlenderToday video on YouTube.

I headed over to and downloaded on my Windows10 machine.

For testing out the user interface and workflows, I decided to use the Amazon Lumberyard Bistro model that I had downloaded earlier.

Outright, I ran into a limitation of Blender 2.8: I was not able to import the FBX file, so I imported it in Blender 2.79, saved the blend file and then opened in Blender 2.8. After loading the Bistro blend file in 2.8, I noticed that the viewport shading was not what I am used to seeing in 2.79 and earlier. So, I started exploring the Toolbar and Properties panels. Some of the properties have been moved to the viewport header. Next step was to setup the World lighting. I added an environment texture and pointed it to the hdr map provided by the model file that…

Render Wedges using the Blender Video Sequence Editor


I have started looking into setting up a pipeline for creating render wedges using multi scene workflow and utilizing scene strips in the sequencer.

Master Scene

ShaderballTwo shader node groupsFresnel weighted diffuse, glossy mix bsdfFacing weighted diffuse, glossy mix bsdfIBL WorldSequencer with scene strips from wedge scenes (Look below)
Wedge Scene 1

Shaderball instance (Data only)Fresnel weighted diffuse, glossy mix bsdf node group linked to objectWorld from master scene

Wedge Scene 2

Shaderball instance (Data only)Facing weighted diffuse, glossy mix bsdf node group linked to objectWorld from master scene Rendering the Master scene will generate the final movies of the wedges, thanks to the video sequencer scene strips.


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Workflows : Blender Game Engine : 1


Lately I have been studying the Blender Game Engine a lot and I would like to share my workflow with you all.

Today I was trying to understand the Sphere collision shape in the Bullet engine (as implemented in Blender).

Parent: Bullet_Sphere (RigidBody, Radius 1, Sphere Collision Bounds)
Child: Render_Sphere

I observed that the Collision Margin has no meaning for Sphere (and Box, Triangle Mesh, Cylinder)

Create Groundplane, and three cameras. For the groundplane create a solidify modifier with an offset of 0. Grouping the various game entities will help in a seamless workflow.

I usually setup Logic Bricks on the Groundplane for saving screenshots of my game and also for switching cameras.

Since I have created a Group for the Bullet_Sphere and Render_Sphere, I can instantiate it in another Layer in the Viewport. When I created the Group (bullet_sphere), they are at the World origin.
In a separate layer, I instantiate the bullet_sphere object. The awesome thing is that, Blender G…

Grease Pencil Improvements in Blender 2.79


Blender 2.79 Test Builds


You can now test Blender 2.79 pre-release test builds.

And the release notes are available at the link below.


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Eevee testing #1


The following video really got me going with Eevee.

First Test

Second Test


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Rigid Bodies and Constraints Workflow in Blender



This post will outline my overall workflow for creating a simple rigid body w/ constraints system using Blender.


My recent experiment/study was the Hinge constraint in Blender 3D.
physics/rigid_body/constraints/types/hinge I studied the documentation and sketched out my understanding of the constraint on paper.

Initial Setup

Using the Tools->Physics panel of the 3D View Editor automatically adds the rigid body objects and constraints to the correct groups.


In the Outliner Editor, switch the mode to Groups. This enables one to quickly select the desired object for editing its properties. (also the selectability and visibility of RBD objects/constraints becomes easier)

Property Chart Add-on

Another indispensable tool is the Property Chart Add-on for quickly editing properties of selected and active objects in a spreadsheet like manner. (In Blender 2.67, I had actually contributed to the presets functionality for this Add-On)

 In the User Preferences Window, e…