Blender 2.66 Rigid Body Simulation Tests



Thanks to Google Summer of Code 2012, Blender now has an integrated Rigid Body Simulation system that works seamlessly with the Animation system. This feature is part of the Blender 2.66 release that happened last week.


I booted up 2.66 and stepped right into the Rigid Body Dynamics. The following Add-Ons made my work easier
  • Property Chart 
  • Copy Attributes
I used the Quick setup tools for setting up the Dynamics initially, but later manually setup everything from scratch (Dynamics world, Rigid Bodies and Constraints).

I have used to record the videos and then upload them to YouTube.

Test 6 : Slider Constraint

Test 5 : Hinge Constraints

Test 4 : Wreaking Ball

Test 3 : Point and Hinge Constraints

Test 2 : Wreaking Ball Ver. 1

Test 1: Hello Rigid Bodies

Links and References

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