Blender For Animators : Session 4



The goal of this tutorial is to take you through the process of using some of the salient features in Blender to help create rough animatic of  the various scenes in a multi scene short. By creating a rough layout using basic shapes, grease pencil strokes and camera animations and running various scenes through the video sequencer, once can very quickly and easily create videos for review and discussion.


  • Creating custom screen
  • Setting up a scene
  • Creating empty scene and linking data from previous scene
  • Creating a scene in which we create sequence strips using Video Sequence Editor
  • Add Scene Strips and add an Wipe Effect Strip



  • Translation hot-keys are same throughout Blender. So after selecting a sequence strip, you can press the G-KEY and move the mouse and then left click to finish translating OR right click to cancel translation.

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