UI Experiments #1

A combination of multiple experiments that I have been conducting to customize and gain control over the UI in Blender.

Zen Mode
  • Allows one to temporarily make the area headers display nothing so that the user is not disturbed by the ui elements.
  • Show/Collpase menus in the area header
Switch Area Spaces
  •  Each area can display a space type at any point of time. We can also switch to different spaces and switch back. When you are trying to switch to a space type that you already activated in the current area, Blender reuses the space that was previously created (as they are stored behind the scenes). My addon will display the hidden spaces as user interface buttons so that we can easily switch to them.
Make Headers Consistent
  • The area headers displayed in the various areas of a screen are oriented inconsistently per area type. Some areas have headers at the bottom and others at the top. In order to consistently orient the headers, I have written this addon.

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