WIP Screenshot Addon

I have been working on this tool for over a week in my spare time. This builds on top of the bpy.ops.screen.screenshot operator that comes bundled with Blender. I have implemented the following capture modes for the time being
  1. Capture entire screen
  2. Capture all the areas in the current screen
  3. Capture screen and all the areas as well.
The fundamental difference between the factory operator and mine is the way captures files are saved. In the former, we have to manually save it using the invoked file browser and in the latter files are automagically saved (blend_file_name|cwd)[_AREA].png. [cwd = current working directory]

I am creating this addon so that I can document my experiments much more quickly than I am able to do right now. It is really awesome that Blender provides us enormous ability to extend it in ways that we need to.

While designing this addon, I consciously chose OSKey[+Shift|+Ctrl]+C hot-key combination as it is in line with Blender's philosophy of one hand on keyboard and one hand on mouse workflow. And the C stands for capture.

Following is a quick demo (Please watch it in HD, full screen. Video was recorded using the Make Screencast operator.)

Addon registers 4 keymap items to the "Screen" keymap belonging to the addon keyconfig of the window manager.

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