Debugging Tools WIP #4 - Custom Headers

Continuing my ongoing prototyping of tools to improve my development and debugging experience in Blender, I have created a prototype that enables me to switch between the default area headers in Blender and custom headers.

Switching between the default and custom headers is made possible by using the "Debug Menu" operator that comes bundled with Blender. You can access it from the Operator Search Menu or by pressing the hotkey combination CTRL+ALT+D

The Debug Menu operator modifies an attribute ( that is part of the application runtime module (
Updates: (Video not updated with the following updates)
  • Switch to custom headers from the menu item prepended to the factory INFO_MT_window Menu.
  • Improved the layout of the popup dialog and also cleaned up the code.
As you can see in the screenshot below, my custom header displays 
  • A button to revert the header to default state
  • A button to view the current context properties and attributes in a popup dialog.
  • Icon, name and description of the space type current displayed in the area.

Video Demonstration

I will release this addon after I am happy with the implementation. Thank you for reading.

satishgoda at gmail dot com

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