Development Workflow

Following is a workflow that I am using at the moment to quickly and seamlessly develop/test addons using the Python API provided by Blender.

The Text Editor that is part of Blender is an indispensable tool for editing python code. The editors utility can further be enhanced by enabling the API Navigator AddOn.
The user interface provided by the navigator enables one to inspect modules, types and operators that form the basis of the API.

AddOn's can be developed from scratch, built on top of existing source code (by copy/pasting required snippets) or by using the templates that can be accessed from the Text Editor header. Every Addon needs a register/unregister module level function and for interactive running/testing of the AddOn, the following block of code

if __name__ == '__main__':

To test the addon, we need to click on Run Script operator button in the Text Editor Header. To undo the UI elements and types registered in the previous step, we need to reload the scripts.
In the video below, I have captured the steps by using the Make Screencast operator. (NOTE: There is no audio)
The addon that is being demonstrated in this video is part of my custom workflow toolset that enables me to quickly switch between various render output presets. This feature is not supported by default in Blender.

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