Why Gooseberry Matters?

What is Gooseberry?

Project Gooseberry is an initiative from Blender Foundation to
  1. Create a full length feature animation film.
  2. Involve the community to fund the project.
  3. Further develop Blender software and make it production strength.
  4. Create a cloud framework 
    1. Will be used for storing assets of the project
    2. Distribute training material and such to subscribers

Why is Project Gooseberry Important?

Let us hear it from Ton Roosendaal himself.
Following are my thoughts on why Project Gooseberry is important.
  • Provide production specific education for anyone interested in learning the art of film making.
    • Since you will have access to all the production files, you can learn to your hearts content.
  • Provide aspiring programmers to learn how big software and information management systems are built in the industry.
    • Blender is built of many subsystems and its Software Architecture is a good example to learn from.
  • Have a sense of participation in rewriting history
    • Blender Foundation made history when the community gathered 100000 euros to make Blender Open Source (I am proud to be part of it). Something like that happening again is a great opportunity for Blender and also to those who missed out 13 years ago.
  • Make the world a better place.
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