Switch between Console and Text Editors

Since the Text editor and Console editor are very integral to my workflow, today I decided to configure my user preferences so that switching between them is as simple as pressing a hotkey (my choice being SHIFT+ESC)

Also tried adding the switching functionality using a little bit of python as well.

keyconfig = bpy.context.window_manager.keyconfigs.user

args = ('wm.context_set_enum', 'ESC', 'PRESS')
kwargs = {'shift':True}

for source, destination in (('Console', 'TEXT_EDITOR'), ('Text', 'CONSOLE')): 
    kmi = keyconfig.keymaps.[source].keymap_items.new(*args, **kwargs)
    properties = kmi.properties
    properties.data_path = 'area.type'
    properties.value = destination

Links and References
User Preferences, Key Configuration, Key Map, Key Map Item, Key Map Item Operator, Key Map Item Operator Properties

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